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Dan Cammarata


Thanks so much for your e-mail. Yes, the Wapin install went beautifully. Roy [Peters] and I worked together for three straight days, putting our heads together to overcome a few idiosyncrasies and challenges in the Mason's scale design in order to get the best possible outcome  from the Wapin upgrade. And what a result it is!!!! I  thought the piano sang before, but the Wapin modification has brought it to a level that truly puts it in a whole other class and level of sound production. Every single note played is clear, rich, full and sings on and on......the sustain is truly  incredible!!!! I told Roy that it actually makes me a better player, since the clarity and richness of sound helps tremendously with controlling this 9 foot beast.  Effortless pianissimo and roaring forte, all at will now. Can you tell I'm ecstatic? You deserve a  tremendous debt of gratitude for coming up with the  Wapin Bridge Michael. I hope the major manufacturers, and others, open their eyes and minds to this  incredible new way of enhancing the function and joy of the piano. I, for my part, will spread the word everywhere I get the opportunity.......it's only  right! By the way, Roy is a phenomenal master technician and individual. I really enjoyed working with, and getting to know, him. Thanks again Michael.  Hope we can meet someday so I can thank you in person......wish you could be here to play the Mason CC2 and enjoy it yourself!  

All the best,  

Dan Cammarata

[For a more in-depth discussion about this installation, click on the link below which will take you to a Piano World Forums thread]


Peggy Bartunek

Dear Tim,

Thanks for suggesting the addition of the Wapin Piano Bridge for the Yamaha C-2 piano at Grafton High School where I teach chorus.  After hearing the new Young Chang PG-185 which has Wapin at Bethel Lutheran Church in Grafton I was intrigued with the possibilities for improvement on the Yamaha here at the school.  There is definitely a difference!  The tone quality has improved, both in richness, clarity and depth.   The piano is about 25 years old and has served us well.  However, with the Wapin, it’s like having a new and BETTER piano! 

 Peggy Bartunek

Grafton High School Choir Director

Grafton, ND 

Emily Steigelmeier

[Emily Steigelmeier installed the Wapin Piano Bridge in November 2005.  Still pleased with the results, she wrote the following statement on January 5, 2007.]

After 50 years of playing the piano, I finally have an instrument that cooperates with my playing!  Whether I'm playing the fluid music of Debussy or the dynamic works of Schubert, my piano finally does what my ears want to hear.  I truly enjoy practicing--even scales are pure pleasure.  My piano produces brilliant, rich tones from every key--the lowest to the highest.

The Wapin Bridge effectively added at least a foot to my baby grand.  It gives a new dimension to fermata, subito, and sfz

I am no longer tempted to try to justify the purchase of a $50,000 piano--I have all the piano I could ever dream of playing!

Emily Stiegelmeier

South Dakota

Michael Davis, Founder/Artistic Director
Cantabile!, Inc.

Dear Jim and Roy-

Thanks for the fine work you did on my piano, it certainly turned out great. I feel the wapin system added a great deal to the overall tone quality, most especially with regard to clarity and depth. I would suggest the Wapin system to anyone who cares about making their piano the best it can be.

Thanks again to both of you for a job exceptionally well done. I never thought the piano would sound, play, or look as good as it does...and I had very high expectations going in! :-)

Michael Davis, BM, MM, DA
Founder/Artistic Director
Cantabile!, Inc.
Assistant Conductor/Director of Operations
Indianapolis Symphonic Choir

Thomas E. Unterseher

I was just introduced to a Wapin grand at Engel Music in Aberdeen. Very nice! The smooth and extended decay on their Young Chang grand was easily heard. I was educated in music at USC in Los Angeles and have been around a lot of pianos. I was impressed! I'm not a big fan of Young Chang pianos, but the Wapin System completed changed that piano.

Thomas E. Unterseher, President & CEO
One World Distribution, Inc.

Ron Artis

Steve Premo Wapined my Baldwin & Steinway...It's the best musical event of my life...The Jazz is pure and the funk is clean.


Doug Strong

[This was sent to us by Doug Strong, former head technician at the Indiana University. He had his 5'7" Kawai rebuilt before he gave it to his son in Seattle.]

"We spent the yearend holidays with my son and family at their home on Vashon Island, just west of Seattle in Puget Sound. That is the location of our Kawai that you guys "Wapinized" and we heard it there for the first time since the operation. It sounded like a great concert grand to me and Margaret as she played it in their living room."

Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

April 27, 1998
Contact: Chris Curran
(513) 556-1806 (O)

Cincinnati -- A new technique for rebuilding pianos developed in UC's College-Conservatory of Music made an unexpected, but highly successful debut, during a performance by pianist Barry Douglas at Cincinnati's Music Hall April 24.

Douglas first learned about the technology, known as the WAPIN bridge, while visiting CCM in 1997 and testing out a rebuilt 1929 Steinway grand. He returned to Cincinnati last month for a concert with the Cincinnati Symphony and didn't like the feel of the pianos available. So, the symphony management requested that the 1929 Steinway be moved to Music Hall for his performances that night and the following night. The management had heard enough good things about the piano invention from previous artists who had tried the technology that they decided to take the risk.

The college quickly agreed to the emergency loan, and WAPIN technology was on its way to Music Hall. CCM piano technician Michael Wathen, a co-inventor of the technology, spent several hours at Music Hall over the weekend to make sure everything was working smoothly before the performances.

Music critics for both local newspapers were effusive in their praise for Douglas's performance. The Cincinnati Post, for example, reported that "Douglas scored a knockout" with his performance. One of the advantages of the WAPIN technology is an increased "sustain" which makes it easier for audiences in large halls to hear and enjoy the piano's sound.