After a long hiatus I have decided to try again. I have been generally loathe to wrap myself up in promoting Wapin, almost wishing it had never made its appearance into my life.

When something novel appears on the horizon and that invention applies to something as established over time as the piano, it gives rise to a whole group of naysayers who feel as if they must defend tradition at all cost.

Such as it was with Wapin. The piano industry would make fits and starts. Thinking it might be something worthwhile and at the same time trying to convince themselves it was really nothing, setting out to prove the latter. Artists were generally impressed but were reluctant to attach their name as an endorsement, fearing at career setback. Amongst piano technicians and rebuilders the story was somewhat different.

As I work with through this web revision, I will attempt to tell the story and possibly provide some insights as well as help to those technicians who feel that it might be of some use.

Michael J Wathen

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