I have always been careful not to violate digital or copyright laws. It seemed to have served everyone except me.

Here I post a recording I captured over an FM radio station of a performance of a very special live concert originally recorded in April 1998. The orchestra is the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Jesús López Cobos. Prokofiev’s Third Piano Concerto is performed by Barry Douglas. The piano is a 1929 Steinway D with the Wapin Piano Bridge modification. There were two other Concert Artist (CA) Steinway D pianos which he tried before choosing the ’29 piano. Both of the former pianos were less than five years old.

It was the first time, to my knowledge, a much older piano had gone up against much newer pianos and had won the day. I remember two noteworthy quotes from Mr. Douglas. The first was after rehearsing on the piano the first time: “This is the most even piano I have ever played”, the second after the last performance was, “This is the heaviest action I have ever performed on.”

My observation, based on experience with Wapin, suggests that the sound the performer hears is very different from the sound the audience hears and that to the later it is much cleaner and easier to hear.

Listen to the live concert recording

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